It’s about the process of making art and what it gives back - It’s about where I live and my surroundings. The work is semi abstract and diverse, ranging from large scale paintings, full of complex colours and patterns, to simple continuous lines. 


Whether it’s a painting, drawing or print, what you see is packed with energy and movement. Vertical lines and scratch marks symbolise, strength, vitality and growth, and evoke positive emotions. They move the painting upward, reaching for the sun, moon and stars. Continuous lines are as long as they take to draw and layers of paint echo the time they take to make.


Painting a canvas has become very physical as it dictates wherever it wants to go and is progressively changing. A simple representation of an object or view, becomes much more as I add and subtract colours and make marks. Accidents are encouraged to happen and the painting takes on a life of its own. 


Through extensive reworking, fragments of hidden layers are revealed in new and exciting ways. I get very passionate about these phenomenal discoveries as they keep on giving. When I add one tiny mark it gives back a thousand. These mini events are strung together to create a sequence of moments in time and give the painting its history.


In other works, drawings are massively enlarged. Impromptu continuous lines are drawn without looking at the page and create a harmonious duality of naivety and maturity. Lines cross over each other to create shapes and spaces. A balance of opposites beckons dualities, such as dark-light, chaos-calm, rough-smooth, negative-positive, fullness-emptiness and so on. The space is as significant as the line around it - absence is as important as presence. By letting go we can move our overactive minds into an empty space and find that happy place. Patience and optimism is a recurring theme in the work.

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