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Beyond the Golden Reeds
Allsop Gallery,
 Bridport Arts Centre and Forest Arts Centre, New Milton

About the Exhibition


Vena Amoris

Acrylic on canvas 

100 X 120 cm

a brilliant white sun

set in a ring of gold 

bathes the night time reeds 

and sinks into the marsh 

and whilst we sleep

the solar master paints  

directly from the heart  

eternal bands of gleaming yellow 

on these veins of love 

Golden Reeds at Mudeford Creek
Acrylic on canvas 
100 X 100 cm

where golden reeds

crosshatch lines 

below the setting sun

arthritic jetties wobble in the mud

and empty buoys 

bob on reflected blues 

with the wound of a wrecked red boat 

half sunk and half afloat

where the moon sets 

there’s a misty hush

above the sleeping swans


Once in a Blue Moon
Acrylic on canvas 
100 X 120 cm

once in a blue moon

follows the setting sun

as twinkles of colour

blink in the twilight hours

on my lockdown patio

Morning Glow
Acrylic on canvas
100 X 100 cm

waning in the deep blue sky

the cool of a February perfect moon 

settles to greet the muted still of the dawn 

with a nod to the winter sun

rays of gold crack through the mist

as night time shadows shorten 

and flowers turn their radiant heads 

to feel the warmth of the morning glow 

Out of the White

Acrylic on canvas

100 x 100 cm

out of the white

through a bluish grey haze 

comes the jetty

and the mistiness of history



Acrylic on canvas 

100 X 100 cm 

a strawberry moon 

ignites the spring

with pockets full of love

and glints of fragrant thoughts

are mirrored in the creek

at Mother Siller's Channel 


Together We Bloom
Acrylic on canvas
100 X 120 cm

in a vase full of flowers

freesia and a rose

like lovers entwine

with colours that mingle

and the fresh scent of spring

they make me smile


Acrylic on canvas

100 X 120 cm

the marks start as one thing 

and may become another

get covered up or scratched through

or even forgotten

but somehow they are always there

even if it’s the slightest most subtle 

presence showing through 

this gives the paintings their legacy

a sense of history


Acrylic on canvas

120 X 100 cm

as echoes of gongs and a

lunar eclipse unite

I hear the colour

and see the sound

a harmony of vibrations 

awaken the soul

on this super flower

blood moon Wednesday

Dancing Crocus Leaves
Acrylic on canvas
100 X 150 cm


my paintings have no boundaries

they are packed with energy and movement

marks that bend, stretch, rise, jump, dart, turn 

and dance outside the frame


Swans Still Sleeping
Digital Painting
Gyclee print on canvas
150 X 100 cm

it's all blue 

an infinite blue

the sky and the creek

inextricably mingled 

merged and blended

into a perfect blue


the shadow 

of a crumbling jetty 

struggles to stand 

as the morning sun 

turns reflected reeds 

into shimmering wands of gold


and swans still sleeping

nestle in the deep silence 

of the perfect blue 


Acrylic on canvas

100 X 120 cm

when starting to draw a line

in response to the gong

I am already into the sound 

as with thinking

where does the line go 

is it finite 

does it lead us off into the unknown

or come back again 

does it create a shape 

a space to dwell - to pause

the edge of my sketchbook 

becomes the place of entry and exit

it’s a slice of time

Swooping Seagulls
Acrylic and carbarundum on canvas 
100 X 100 cm


a balance of opposites beckons 

such as, night-day, rough-smooth 

negative-positive, chaos-calm 

stillness-movement and so on

one does not exist without the other

Acrylic on 2 canvases
100 X 300 cm overall

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