Exhibition 2019


In the pause a space creates, our natural awareness arises, allowing

us to be mindful and open to something beautiful and unexpected. 

The focus of this body of work is on Lines, Shapes and Spaces. A layering of real time responses to sounds and feelings. Leaving you with the wonder of what happens next.


Mirroring thoughts and emotions, the lines are measured by the time they take to draw. They follow the sounds of gongs and music as they evolve, or just are. As with thinking, where does the line go, is it finite, does it lead us off into the unknown or come back again, does it create a shape, a space to dwell - to pause.

Lines and shapes depend on one another to create spaces. A balance of opposites beckons dualities, such as dark-light, chaos-calm,

rough-smooth, negative-positive, fullness-emptiness and so on.

The space is as significant as the detail within it. 

Absence is as important as presence.

Lines drawn without looking at the page create a harmonious duality of naivety with maturity. By letting go we can move our overactive minds into an empty space, and find that happy place.


“The most important thing I learned today was how the line leaves the page” - Keith Rogers