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Rainbow Tulips 

Triptych - Acrylic on canvas  

61 X 183 cm 

03 TULIPS FINAL_edited_edited_edited_edi
02 TULIPS FINAL_edited_edited_edited_edi
01 TULIPS FINAL_edited_edited_edited_edi

Each panel 

61 X 61 cm


Snow Moon Over the Priory

Acrylic on canvas  

100 X 100 cm 

the snow moon melts

as the sun cracks through

and switches on the day

FINAL 11 SEPT 8740 2_edited.jpg

Rebirth of the Narcissi 

Acrylic on canvas  

100 X 100 cm 

Riflessioni in un Sogno Veneziano

A series of chalk pastels on paper 

"Reflections in a Venetian dream"


2 june IMG_6830_edited_edited.jpg

Wilting Daisies and Tulips 

Acrylic on canvas  

100 X 100 cm  

Acrylic on canvas
00 X 100 cm


after the lovemaking 

just as when the sun goes down

the afterglow lingers until

the sun rises and sets again

Never Say Die 

Photograph - Evolver Prize 2022

People's Choice Award


Conté crayon on beige sugar paper

76 x 50 cm 

Keith Rogers THE GIFT 104cm x 154cm Acry

The Gift  

Acrylic on canvas  

100 X 150 cm  

red does something to a painting

it adds focus, lifts it up,

fills it with love,

brings joy, makes it sexy

The Gift is life itself

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